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Presenting the tenth issue of "Balkans", scholarly journal of the IBSCT-BAS

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Cover Balkani10On November 23, 2021 at the Institute of Balkan Studies, in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures, the tenth issue of BALKANS, the scholarly journal of the Institute of Balkan Studies & Centre of Thracology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IBSCT-BAS) was presented. It is dedicated to the round anniversary of his creation. This was suggested by the theme of the issue: '10 years of BALKANS'. The editor-in-chief Prof. Alexandre Kostov, Dr. habil., Corresponding Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences gave a brief but emotional review of the past 10 years against the background of an attractive retrospective presentation.

Articles selected for the current issue are devoted to significant problems of different periods of the history of the Balkan region. Their authors are prepared by prominent and established scholars of the IBSCT-BAS. The articles of the three prominent scholars who participated as authors in the first issue - Valeria Fol, Maria Todorova and Galya Valtchinova - are also included in the anniversary edition.

One of the missions of this issue is to present in attractive and informative way all the resent aspects of the rich scholarly and social activity of the Institute's team, designed in the separate sections "Balkan Studies Chronicles", "New Books" and "Reviews". This issue also aims at paying a well-deserved tribute to notable personalities in the history of scholarly research in Southeast Europe through the section "Personalia".

It should be noted that during the last ten years "Balkans" has become an established "mediator" for the exchange of ideas and for the conduct of scholarly discussions at national and international level on important topics related to the millennial history of the Balkan region from Antiquity to the present day. "Traces" of these can be found in its previous issues. They highlight the thematic circles around which each anniversary is centred. Discussions on highly important topics such as "Nationalism in the Balkans", "Migrations and the Balkans", "Informal Diplomacy" found place within the pages of the journal. Broader interdisciplinary horizons such as "The Balkans: between Myth and Reality" and "Holidays and Celebrations in the Balkans" were also included. They focused on the overall development of Southeast Europe over the centuries.

The new issue of BALKANS 10/2021 would attract the attention not only of specialists in history, cultural studies, anthropology, sociology and political science, but also of broader audience who is interested in the processes and trends in Southeast Europe over the centuries - from Antiquity to the present day.

Happy 10th birthday! Many and happy years!


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