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Presenting the collective volume "Contemporary Balkans. The Challenges of the 21st century"

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Корица бългКорица engOn December 21, 2021 at the Institute of Balkan Studies & Centre of Thracology (IBSCT) at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Bulgarian and English editions of the collective volume "Contemporary Balkans. The Challenges of the 21st century" (Tendril Publishing House). Its compiler is Prof. Alexandre Kostov, Dr. habil., Corresponding Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

The book is dedicated to the challenges facing the Balkans at the beginning of the new decade of 21st century and examines both their development so far and emerging trends in the short and the long term. The book offers a serious academic analysis of the processes taking place in the region in the context of increasingly complicated international relations and transition from one crisis to another. The European integration and enlargement of NATO with their achievements and problems in the European Southeast are also taken into account. The monograph presents the leading trends in the development of each of the countries in the region in domestic and foreign policy, highlighting the main priorities in the field of economy, politics and security, as well as existing problems with potential for conflict and instability. Special attention is paid to the influence of external factors on the region. To this end, the monograph includes three chapters showing the place of the Balkan countries in the changing strategy and behavior of the EU, NATO and Russia.

 The collective volume is a continuation of the previous research work of the scholars of IBSCT (and especially of those at the Contemporary Balkans Section) and their partners from other academic units. It is published as a result of the implementation of the project "Contemporary Balkans and the challenges facing Bulgaria", funded by the BNSF, Ministry of Education and Science.

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