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Awarding of certificates to specialists from the Regional History Museum - Silistra

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0 02 05 ac423f260e7ab8c27aca692ee6b077d41bc2973fe75813faa6ba9693faf6c0dc f1e2f7e2e95632d4On March 14, 2023, Prof. Alexandre Kostov, Dr. habil., Corresponding Member of the Bulgarian Academy of sciences handed over to the director of the Regional History Museum in Silistra the certificates of the participants in the training of museum specialists, which was successfully held in February. Museum specialists had the opportunity to listen to eight lectures and participate in the subsequent discussions, asking important questions for their scholarly research. The discussion format after each lecture allowed lecturers to enrich their scholarly knowledge with new information provided by the museum specialists.

The training of museum specialists will continue in the upcoming months.

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