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Irina Shopova

Irina ShopovaIrina Dimitrova Shopova

Scientific degree and current position:
Doctor of Philosophy, Assistant Professor

Areas of academic interest:
Ancient history, culture, and religion of Southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean, Thracology, Ancient epigraphy.

2008 PhD in Ancient History and Thracology, Institute of Thracology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Participation in scholarly projects:

2023 Member of the Organizing committee of the First National Thracology Conference
2023 Project manager of the International Project “Thrace between East and West”
2017–2018 Participant in the Project „Seminarium Thracicum – The Thracian Heros”
2015–2017 Participant in the Project „Encyclopedia Ancient Thrace and the Thracians”
2004–2005 Participant in the International Project “The Rock Sanctuaries of the Thracians, Other peoples of South-Eastern Europe, and Anatolia during the Antiquity”
2004 Participant in the Bulgarian-Turkish Summer University “The Strandzha Mountain and its Significance in the Transfer of Civilizations East-West”
2004 Participant in the German-Bulgarian Project “Die Thraker. Das Goldene Reich des Orpheus” – Bonn
2000–2019 Participant in the Project „Written Sources about Thrace and the Thracians”

Membership in international organizations:

Member of the Bulgarian Branch of FIEC (DIAB/FIEC)
Member of the International Association of Greek and Latin Epigraphy (AIEGL)


2003–2004 Assistant Professor in Thracology at Neofit Rilski University – Blagoevgrad
2000–2003 Assistant Professor in Thracology at New Bulgarian University – Sofia

Selected publications:

Шопова, Ирина. КУЛТЪТ НА ДИОНИС В ДОЛНА МИЗИЯ И ТРАКИЯ ПО ЕПИГРАФСКИ ДАННИ (I–III ВЕК) Пловдив 2017, Фондация „Българско историческо наследство“. VIII+227 с., 53 ил., ISBN 978-954-8536-22-6.

Шопова, Ирина. За епитафията от Малко Търново – В: Studia Thracica, 2022, с. 557–563.

Шопова,Ирина. Александър Фол – Създателят. Една епоха в тракологията – В: Thracia XXIV ЕПОПТЕIА, Сборник в чест на 85-годишнината от рождението на проф. д.н. Александър Фол, 2019, с. 119–127.

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