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Vasil Karadzhov

 IPG0034Vasil Nikolov Karadzhov

Scientific degree and current position:

Areas of academic interest:
Cultural heritage, cultural tourism, cultural policies, urban anthropology, visual anthropology, narratology, everyday life

Education and fellowships:

2016– PhD student in Ethnology - Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski
2014 Master's degree in Cultural Tourism and Cultural Design - Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski
2004 Bachelor's degree in Mathematics - Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski

Participation in scholarly projects:
2018– Member of the team of Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski in the National Scholarly Program Cultural Historical Heritage, National Memory and Social Development. Project Manager for Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski: Prof Maria Schnitter, PhD

Exercises in "Urban Studies", Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski, Faculty of Philosophy and History, 2016

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