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Café Europe
Raïa Zaïmova (complier) Sofia, Publisher: Тhe Institute of Balkan Studies & Centre of Thracology 'Prof. Alexander Fol' at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2019 (in French)















Cover purva radost2... the greatest joy for me.
The Emotional Content of the Bulgarian National Identity: historical roots and contemporary dimensions
(Nikolay Aretov, ed.)
















kniga aux sources 2012Aux sources de l’histoire balkanique et l’impact francophone
(Raya Zaimova)

















The Balkans.
Multiple dimensions of European culture

















 zhan zhak rusoNature and Society. New studies about Jean-Jacques Rousseau


















Café Europestatija nadezhda dragova 0002












Zaimova5 kooritsa OK 1 8.11. page 001 CopyLiving history or remembrance of a family from Thessaloniki
(Raya Zaimova)











Kniga YuraBulgarians and Greeks fighting for the Ottoman heritage
(Yura Konstantinova)















korica elenikaΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ: politics and culture in Ancient Greece. Book I
(Vanya Lozanova-Stancheva)














Albanian factorAlbanian factor in the Socialist Republic of Macedonia (1945-1981)
(Mariyana Stamova)







koritsa malamirEquivalistics of the Ego or who writes the interwar psychological novel of the Balkans
(Malamir Spasov)
















Bridges over the centuriesmostove prez vekovete
(Antoaneta Balcheva)
















Bulgaria and the Yugoslav crisisBB
(Biser Banchev)

















Drugata Evropa coverThe road to the "other" Europe. Through the French-Ottoman cultural communications. XVI-XVIII c.
(Raya Zaimova)


















VoyagerFrench version of "The road to the "other" Europe". Voyager vers l’”autre” Europe (Images françaises des Balkans ottomans, XVIe – XVIIIe s.)
(Raïa Zaïmova)




















nezavisima hurvadskaNationalism and National Politics in the Independent Croatian State 1941-1945
(Irina Lyubomirova)

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