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New collective volume "The travel culture in Southeast Europe" has been published

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Patuvane kor 3 3 1The Institute of Balkan Studies & Centre of Thracology published the collective volume "Culture of Travel in the European Southeast". Compiler and editor: Antoaneta Balcheva. Editorial Board: Elena Supur, Croatia Hrvojka Mihanović - Salopek, Hristina Marcu. Sofia: ed. of IBSCT, 2020, 536 pages, ISBN: 978-619-7179-13-2.

The book is a result of a large-scale scholarly project implemented by the Department "Cultural History of the Balkan Nations". The edition includes 33 papers and articles by distinguished Bulgarian and foreign researchers. The publication incites the consideration of new aspects of travelling and travel related literature in the Balkans, which is susceptible to changing socio-historical and cultural-aesthetic models, reflecting both the philosophical moods of the time and current notions of travel, adventure, searching, self-affirmation and self-construction.

The main emphasis is placed on the interpretation of the road as description, text or destiny, as a construct of civilization, around which cultural centers are built and the notions of one's own and another's, center and periphery in the region are rearranged. The scholarly works included in this collective volume cover a wide chronological range from Antiquity to the present time and are grouped around the historiographical, literary, art and linguistic interpretation of the phenomenon of travel, outlining a contemporary vision of the past, present and future of Southeast Europe.



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