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Dobrinka Parusheva

DParushevaAssoc. Prof. Dobrinka Parusheva, PhD

Areas of academic interest: City and everyday in the Balkans; political models, political elites, political culture; culture and caricature; women and gender; consumption

MA in History (1983), BA in German language (1982) – Sofia University "St Climent Ohridski"
PhD in History, Modern and Contemporary Balkan History (1990) – Institute of Balkan Studies-BAS

Teaching activities
History of Everyday Life – Plovdiv University“Paisii Hilendarski”, FFH, 2015-
Culture and Caricature – Plovdiv University“Paisii Hilendarski”, FFH, 2015-
Anthropology of Gender – Plovdiv University“Paisii Hilendarski”, FFH, 2012-
Economic Anthropology – Plovdiv University“Paisii Hilendarski”, FFH, 2011-
Political Models and Political EWlites – Plovdiv University“Paisii Hilendarski”, FFH, 2010-
Area Studies – Plovdiv University“Paisii Hilendarski”, FFH, 2008-
Political Models in the Balkans prior to the Second World War – Sofia University "St Climent Ohridski", FH (BA course), 2008-2011
Balkan Political Elites – Sofia University "St Climent Ohridski", FH (MA course), 2004-
History and Anthropology of Everyday Life – Plovdiv University“Paisii Hilendarski”, FFH, 2005-2008
History of the Balkan people (19th and 20th century) – varna Free University, 1997-1999

Participation in projects
(since 2007)
2015-2016: Boundaries and social mobility (МУ15 FIF009), Plovdiv University, project leader
2015-2017: Politics and society in Bulgaria and Romania during the 20th century, bilateral project with the RAS; project member
2014-2016: Framing Financial Crisis and Protest: North-West and South-East Europe, funded by the Leverhulme Trust, UK, Project leader Prof. Suman Gupta, Open University, UK; leader of the Bulgarian team
2013: Нeritage and Memory (СУП13 ФИФ005), Plovdiv University, project leader
2010-2013: Local Heritage – a Resource for the Regional Development (ДДВУ 02/93 – 20.12.2010), funded by the NFSR, project member
2007-2010: ESF EUROCORES Programme Inventing Europe: Technology and the Making of Europe, 1850 to the Present --- Collaborative Research Project European Ways of Life in the 'American Century': Mediating Consumption and Technology in the Twentieth Century (EUWOL), project Leader: Professor Ruth Oldenziel, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands; leader of the Bulgarian research team
ОУ-ОХН-13/2005: Public Spaces of the Bulgarian City: Heritage and Development, funded by the MES; project member
2005-2008: Bulgarian Youth and Social Change up to the WW I (ОХН 1411), funded by the MES; project member
2004-2007: Political Culture and Cultural Politics in Central and South-East Europe, 1850-1950, bilateral project with the British Academy, UK; leader of the Bulgarian team

2004 – Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh, UK
2002 – Regional Fellow at the New Europe College – Institute for Advanced Study, Bucharest, Romania
2000-2001 - Andrew Mellon Fellow at the The Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (NIAS), Wasenaar, The Netherlands
1999 - Andrew Mellon Fellow at the Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen, Vienna, Austria
1996 – fellow of the Bundesministerium für Wissenscahft und Forschung, Osteuropa Institut, Vienna, Austria

Д. Парушева, Правителственият елит на Румъния и България, втората половина на XIX и началото на XX век. Социална история, София: Институт по балканистика – Българска акaдемия на науките, 2008.

Chapters and Articles:
D. Parusheva. From Chorlu to the Syrian Desert and back: Experience of a Young Armenian in 1914-1918, Ethnologia Balkanica 19, 2016, 277-290
Д. Парушева. Светлина върху войната. Визуално представяне на войната и насилието в българската илюстрована преса, края на XIX и началото на ХХ век, Българска етнология, 2014, 3, 275-298
D. Parusheva. Bulgarians Gazing at the Balkans: Neighboring People in Bulgarian Political Caricature at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century, in D. Demski, Il. Sz. Kristof and K. Baraniecka-Olszewska (eds), Competing Eyes: Visual Encounters with Alterity in Central and Eastern Europe, L'Harmattan, Budapest 2013, 418-437
D. Parusheva. Make It Do with What System Provides. People, State and Housing in Bulgaria, End of the 19th and Early 20th Century, in Hr. Hadziiossif and A. Lyberatos (eds), Social Transformation and Mass Mobilization in the Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean Cities (1900-1923), Crete University Press, Rethimno 2013, 63-77
D. Parusheva. "We Are All Members of the Same Club": Bulgarian Political Elite and Their Networks in Early 20th Century, Bulgarian Historical Review, 2012, 3-4, 62-72
D. Parusheva. The Web of Power and Power of the Webs: Political Elites in Romania and Bulgaria in the Late Nineteenth Century and Their Networks, in Society and Politics in South-Eastern Europe during the 19th century, ed. by Nathalie Clayer and Tassos Anastassiadis, Athens: Alpha Bank Historical Archives, 2011, 141-176.
D. Parusheva. Europe Imagined and Performеd: The Impact of Western Europe’s Modernity on South East European Urban Space, in Städte im europäischen Raum. Verkehr, Kommunikation und Urbanität im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert, Ralf Roth (Hg.), Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 2009, 187-204.
D. Parusheva. “‘They Are All Rotters!’ Political Culture and Political Caricature in the Balkans, Late 19th and Early 20th Century”, Etudes balkaniques, 2008, 4, 37-63.
D. Parusheva. Running ‘Modern’ Cities in a Patriarchal Milieu: Perspectives from the Nineteenth-Century Вalkans, in Who Ran the Cities? City Elites and Urban Power Structures in Europe and North America, 1750-1940, ed. by Ralf Roth and Robert Beachy, Ashgate, 2007, 179-192.

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