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Ekaterina Dikova

EkaterinaDikovaEkaterina Pantcheva Dikova

Scientific degree and current position:
Doctor of Philosophy, Assistant Professor

Areas of academic interest:
Medieval translations from Greek to South Slavic environment, rhetoric, diachronic linguistics, etymology.

Education and fellowships:
April-July 2008 Fellowship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy, University of Pisa, Italy. Task: collecting material about laughter during the Middle Ages and digitizing the Bulgarian section of the Luigi Salvini archive.
2002–2006 Full-time PhD Student in Bulgarian language, Sofia University 'St. Kliment Ohridski'. Thesis: The Phrase in the Vitae and Sermons by St. Patriarch Euthymius of Tarnovo.
2004–2005 Ernst Mach Scholarship, University of Vienna, Austria. Task: researching sources related to medieval rhetoric and isichasm in order to complete the doctoral thesis; attending a German language course (certificate: Mittelstufe Deutsch / 08.02.2005/).
January-April 2002 Postgraduate qualification in translation studies. University of Warwick, UK. Thesis: A Scene from Die Räuber in Three English Translations (Scene by Johann Friedrich von Schiller's "Robbers" in Three English Translations)
2000–2001 Master's degree in Medieval Studies, Central European University, Hungary. Master's thesis: The construction of space in St. St. Eutymius' Vita of St. John of Rila (Building Space in St. John of Rila's Saint Etienne)
1994-1999 Joint MA degree in Bulgarian and Russian Philology from Sofia University 'St. Kliment Ohridski'. Master's thesis: Studying toponyms in the poem of the Byzantine poet Manuel Phil "On the exploits of the famous legendary prostrator".

Participation in scholarly projects:
2019 Bulgarian-Romanian project: Traditional culture, social history, and history of languages in Southeast Europe (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Romanian Academy).
2016–2019 Digital archive of Zograph Holy Monastery at Sofia University 'St. Kliment Ohridski', project implemented with financial support of the Ministry of Education and Science under Agreement No. ДО 1-29/23.02.2018.
2008–2019. Coordination of international projects for digitization of cultural heritage featuring the Central Library of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and NALIS: Linked Heritage, ATHENA, Michael Culture, Europeana, World Digital Library, Metadata and Electronic Catalogs, Athonite Digital Arch; ATHENA Plus, DTP1-467-2.2 - ART NOUVEAU

2013–2014 Part-time lecturer in lexicology at Plovdiv University branch in Kardzhali
2003–2004; 2004/2005; 2010/2011 Part-time Assistant Professor in Historical grammar of the Bulgarian language at Sofia University 'St. Kliment Ohridski'.
2007–2008 Teaching Bulgarian language for foreigners at Druzhba language Sschool (CEFR levels A1 and A2).
October 2005 - February 2007 Part-time Assistant Professor in English at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (English for Architects - CEFR levels A2, B1, B2 and C1).

Selected publications:

Дикова, Е. Фразата в житията и похвалните слова на св. патриарх Евтимий. Т.1-2. София, 2011, 236 с. + 257 с.
Съставителство и редакция
Зографски съборник: Зографският архив и библиотека. Изследвания и перспективи. Съст. Д. Пеев, М. Димитрова, Е. Дикова, Г. Банев, Л. Ненова, Света гора: Зографски Манастир, 2019. ISBN: 978-954-770-452-7
Многоезичен онлайн речник на термини, използвани в MARC 21
Computer Applications in Slavic Studies: Proceedings of Azbuky.Net, International Conference and Workshop, 24-27 October 2005, Sofia, Bulgaria. Ed. By A. Miltenova, D. Radoslavova, E. Pancheva. Sofia, 2006.

Дикова, Е. Ритъмът в двата южнославянски превода на проложните стихове за април. В: Зографски съборник: Зографският архив и библиотека. Изследвания и перспективи. Съст. Д. Пеев и др. Света гора: Зографски Манастир, 2019, 610-627.
Dikova, E. Notes relating to the Rhetorical Device πλοκή (‘Weaving’) in the Hagiographical Works of Saint Evtimii the Patriarch of Tŭrnovo. In: Medieval Bulgarian Art and Letters in a Byzantine Context. София: Гутенберг, 2017, 528-537.
Дикова, E. Терминът „Покров Богородичен”. В: Vis et Sapientia: Studia in honorem Anisavae Miltenova (Нови извори, интерпретации и подходи в медиевистиката). София: Издателски център „Боян Пенев”, 2016, 688-698.
Dikova, E. A Virtual Challenge to a Library: Multilingual Template to Display Digitised 19th-Century Books Online. – Uncommon Culture, Vol. 6 no. 1 (11) (2015): Virtual Exhibitions []
Дикова, Е. Пунктуационната система в сборник със слова на Григорий Цамблак. В: Търновска книжовна школа. Т. 10. Велико Търново: Университетско издателство „Св. Св. Кирил и Методий”, 2015, 561-570.
Дикова, Е. Български средновековни ръкописи онлайн. – Портал Култура [], препечатано в Двери [], Дневник {]
Панчева, Е. Изиграване на езика: фразеологизми, визуализирани на екрана и сцената. – В: Проблеми на социолингвистиката. T. 9. София, 2008, 249-255.
Pantcheva, Е. Some Principles of Isocolic Structuring in a Medieval Bulgarian Writing. – Scripta & e-Scripta 3-4, 2006, 161-171.
Панчева, Е. Преображение и преобразуване: цел и средство на исихастката култура. – Eslavistica Complutense 5, 2005, 185-197.
Панчева, Е. Сравнението като исихастка фигура в Светиевтимиевото житие на св. Петка. – В: Acta Palaeoslavica. Vol. 2. In honorem professoris Angelinae Minceva, София, 2005, 128-137.
Pantcheva, Е. The Pause as a Storyteller: Notes on the Punctuation in a Fourteenth-Century Masterpiece. – Scripta & e-Scripta 1, 2003, 161-175.
Dikova, E. "New Books" – Scripta & e-Scripta, No. 19 (2019): 409-427.

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