Модерни Балкани

Modern Balkans

Head of Section: Prof. Roumiana Preshlenova, PhD
Secretary: Assist. Prof. Ivaylo Nachev, PhD 


  • Prof. Bisser Petrov, Dr. habil.
  • Prof. Yura Konstantinova, Dr. habil.
  • Assoc. Prof. Dobrinka Parusheva, PhD
  • Assoc. Prof. Zorka Parvanova, PhD
  • Assoc. Prof. Simeon Simeonov, PhD
  • Assist. Prof. Alexandra Milanova, PhD
  • Assist. Prof. Evlogi Stanchev, PhD
  • Assist. Prof. Kalina Peeva, PhD

PhD Students:
Eduard Plamenov Georgiev
Kiril Georgiev Iliev

Activities of the department Modern History Balkans are mainly focused on research of the political, social, economic, ethnic and religious development of Southeast Europe from the Berlin Congress until the end of the Second World War, as well as of the relations between Bulgaria and the other countries in the region.

Chronological and territorial framework is provisional, as researchers seek the historical roots of modern processes and phenomena, and Southeast Europe is the core of their interests without limiting them. The fact that by the end of the 19th century the Balkans fell within the borders of two empires, the Habsburg and the Ottoman, and that they were also subject of particular interest and activity from the side of the Russian Empire, expands naturally the scope of scientific interest far away from the region. Ethno-religious issues and liberation movements in Southeast Europe, as well as the amplifying international relations, are an important part of the scientific work of this section. Specific attention is paid to the national elites - political, economic and cultural - in regard to their crucial role in the development of countries in the region.

There is an active project cooperation between the members of this section and their colleagues around the country and abroad who have similar scientific interest in the Balkan Studies. They have lectures in Bulgarian and foreign universities, they teach PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, they are members of editorial boards and scientific associations, they review dissertations and scientific publications. Thanks to these interdisciplinary activities, they provide an expert view of the modern dimensions of historical heritage to other institutions, scientific forums and the media.

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